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proximas atualizações do Studio One?

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asked Jan 20 in Studio One 4 by luangabiansilva (140 points)

Hello everyone, everything good?! I'm Luciano Pereira, I'm Studio One user, I think daw fantastica more I think some things in the midi edition part should have more attention and improvements.
This Studio One color system bid is pretty cool, but I do not know if it's a bug. When I go into the Appearance, Arrangement, and I change the Luminance from black to white by 70 to 95%, the gradient lines of the Studio One Drum Editor becomes clear and this gets in the way of editing, you can not see lines in time of quantization.
It would be cool and much better if in this appearance menu of Studio One you have more color options only separate, just like Cubase and Nuendo.
Type, if you can have an option separate, then we will have more options of configuration and I think in my opinion, would not disturb at the time of editing.
See the examples the images below.
I thank you for your attention.

Studio One 4.1.2 Pro

Studio One 4.1.2 Pro

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