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Audiobox Usb96 Unity Gain setting (0db) Main output

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asked Jan 28, 2019 in AudioBox USB by jakeschmitz (120 points)
Hello, I recently have purchased a pair of Eris E5's and am having trouble calibrating them. My main issue is I do not know where the main output knob needs to be for my audiobox to acheive Unity gain (0db) there are markings on the far left for -80db and far right for +10db but I want to make sure I calibrate at 0db. I have read through the usb audiobox manual and there is no indication where the main output knob must be to achieve unity gain. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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answered Aug 26, 2019 by adamrogers6 (400 points)
edited Aug 26, 2019 by adamrogers6
I have the identical issue. Did you ever work it out?

FWIW, I counted 40 notches on the main out control. The range is -80db to +10db, so a total range of 90Db

That means each notch is worth 2.25DB putting unity gain at 35 notches.

I think i’ll Calibrate mine with the main out knob at 12 o’clock and see how that goes...
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answered May 9, 2022 by jessicahershey (160 points)
I actually counted the "ticks" as in the other answer, and I'm going with the "35" ticks position as -0db. (It's easier to count backwards from Even at that setting (what I assume is -0db) I had to crank my PreSonus Monitors up to near full volume to even hit 69db on a SPL meter. But, I'll leave it at that because, you know, neighbors.