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How to add limiter to Master volume? Studio one 4 professional

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asked Apr 12 in Studio One 4 by diegomuoz1 (370 points)
I would like to know how to add a limiter. I am using Studio one 4 professional.
I usually get a message after exporting that shows that clipping has occurred. I only use a keyboard as midi with an usb connection. That works just fine but why does the clipping happen? Could it be possible to solve that by adding a limiter to master volume?

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answered Apr 12 by moniashannah (220 points)
if your getting a message that clipping has occurred, your gain staging is to high. AKA too hot. What you would need to do is simply place all your faders to 0, then drag and drop a Mix tool on all your channels. Make sure your mix tool is the first plugin. Turn all your mix tools to -17 that's where all your instruments will have there sweet spot. never touch your faders. Just control your volume with your mix tool. You'll find your mix tool in effects. Next what you'll want to do is drag and drop a mix tool to your main out put. turn that down to -6 and keep it at that level. Don't worry about your mix sounding too low. You'll get all your volume back once you drop the wav into your mastering file. Neve add a limiter to your main or on your channels. It will destroy your mix. If you have any more questions please feel free to reply.
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answered Apr 13 by diegomuoz1 (370 points)

Hi moniashannah, thank you very much for taking the time to answer to my question. I appreciate it!
I am trying what you told me and yes, the volume goes very low after doing that, doesn't that affect the whole mixing? 

I didn't understand a part of your message, the next one:
"You'll get all your volume back once you drop the wav into your mastering file. 
I am not great with Studio one as I am learning, so what do you mean with "once you drop the wav into your mastering file"?
I don't really understand that part. 

Also: why would a limiter "destroy" the mix?

Thank you again!