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PreSonus 24C What power supply can use ?

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asked May 15, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by valeriysentsov1 (120 points)
I have Studio 24C with USB type C that i can only use with Mac to power it. I do video recordings using Atomos. My question is Do i have to have Mac computer as power supply for Studio 24C or i can use power supply so i wont have to carry my Mac.. What power supply how many Volts and Amp so it wont burn it and have enough power..

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answered Jan 24 by guymarquis (690 points)
I'm surprised nobody from PreSonus has answered this one yet. This question was posted almost 2 years ago and should be easy to answer for PreSonus staff. This should have been specified in the Owner's Manual Specifications section but it's not.

So I have the same question. The voltage should be 5VDC but how many mA this Studio 24c requires to operate? Or in USB language, how many unit loads (1 unit load = 100 mA).