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Managing Activations

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asked May 28, 2019 in Studio One 4 by tristancook2 (270 points)
Trying to understand the activation rules, hope someone can help me out!

With the 5 Included activations, if I install and activate on 3 computers, I will have 3 of 5 activations in use.

If I sell one of the computers and remove the activation, would I then have 2 of 5 activations in use?  Or would it remain 3 of 5 because one was used for a period of time?

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answered May 28, 2019 by landensevario1 (1,960 points)
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Yes, if you remove that activation of Studio One, you will have only 2 of 5 activations in use.

For Studio One 4 Users requesting an activation reset request, you can manage your own activations in your account by clicking on the "My Products" link once logged into your account. Then choosing the "My Software" link. Then click the link to "View All Details" for your registered software you wish to change the activations for.

Once you have clicked on the registered software in your account, you will see the link as illustrated below:



Here you'll be able to remove activations freeing up licenses that you may need. 

You do not need to contact support to do this. This is now entirely controlled by you the customer for each of your software licenses.