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Rework the entire Coda system.

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asked Sep 24, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by scottmcgregor3 (1,680 points)
I can't believe Notion has made it to version 6 with without anything being done about the TERRIBLE coda system. There is no way to align the coda symbols with a note so it cuts stuff off.
All I want is to be able to repeat from the top of the song. Pretty basic and yet I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Should be one symbol MAX and yet I can't even begin to make it happen without 4 SYMBOLS!! Even then it is janky as hell. There must be a more elegant solution for this. This was easier in the free scoring software. I wish they would stop wasting time with the terrible sounding instruments (who doesn't have better VSTi?
The user guide doesn't even have an example on how to use the various symbols. Pretty bad.


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