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Can I use Temblor 10 with passive monitor speakers powered by a Crown amplifier?

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asked Oct 1, 2019 in Temblor Series by mikewallace3 (120 points)
HI, I've got some Yamaha NS-10's powered by a Crown 300w amplifier. Just bought a Temblor 10 and wish to try it with the Yamahas, which are passive. Is this doable? I've got some powered studio monitor as well, but want to try Temblor 10 with Yamahas. Thanks.

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answered Oct 1, 2021 by nathanblanton (190 points)
Yes. You would connect your audio interface/mixer outputs to the subwoofer's inputs, then connect the subwoofer's outputs to the inputs of your Crown amp. The same as if you were using the subwoofer inline with a pair of powered monitors.