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asked Oct 16 in StudioLive Series III by erosmoroni (150 points)
buon giorno il mio sofware universal  non e compatibile col mac catalina  come posso fare grazie

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answered Oct 22 by guillaumelanglais (1,130 points)
like everyone, I think you will wait a long long time before support do this work...
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answered Oct 22 by wahlerstudios (78,050 points)
edited Oct 22 by wahlerstudios
If you have a technial problem, create a support ticket.
If you have a general question, wait until somebody answers.
There is also the Forum where you can ask questions.
There are public and closed (now called private) FaceBook groups.
Asking your question in English would allow many more people to respond.
By the way: Your question is answered in the Knowledge Base.

Just saying...