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studio 26 with i5 9300h problem

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asked Oct 23, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by buraatmaca1 (120 points)

hello. my pc spec i5 9300h, 8gb ddr 4 2666, 480ssd, gtx 1050 3gb. İ have studio 26. When i playing instruments with sound card at 16, 32, 64 block size - like amlitube, garritan software with line on or midi in-  i cant hear clean sound. i hearing with louder strays. i tested with i7 7700hq 16 gb ram 256 ssd and ryzen 5 1600 8gb 1tb hddd systems there are no problems. Benchmarks says i5 9300h better than i7 7700hq. What can i do? Whats the problem? is this a driver problem? my driver is lastest. thx..

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