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AudioBox One

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asked Dec 15, 2019 in AudioBox USB by Babaj (120 points)
edited Dec 15, 2019 by Babaj

Hi, I have an AudioBox One hooked up on Windows 8.1

I have my speakers and microphone hooked up to the box and I can hear sound from the speakers and I can also record through the microphone(if the AudioBox One '48V' button is depressed).

However, I cannot record any source of audio playing through my computer with any DAW like Audacity or Ableton.

I think I tried studio one at one point and that didn't work either.

I've went through this presonus knowledge base link and carefully (after first uninstalling everything first) followed the suggestions on the link.

But I still cannot record. Anyone know what the issue might be?

edit: Sorry, this was the link I was referring too -

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