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Request for Studio One

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asked Feb 14 in Studio One 4 by boudynaoum (190 points)

After testing to many daw i can say that studio one is the Master of daw's.But we still need 3 essential options: 
1-studio one take advantage of multi cpu and multi core and ditribute the hosting on all we can see on the performance page all the cores host. 
2-using the arrange page like audio editor: example:zoom full page the audio event and also the midi event like protools or logic or sonar.and can make al the editing future on events.this option is verry essential. 
3-Also the view and the colours of events need it like protools .example : the wave backround colour and the wave colour.also this is verry essential.cause the view and colours are verry bad ana cant use all the colours. 
After theese options studio one became the king of the daw's 

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