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Exporting the Song Information, Song Notes and Track Notes as. csv or .txt files

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asked Jul 3, 2020 in Recording by andrewsinclair (210 points)
retagged Jul 3, 2020 by andrewsinclair
Hi,  I use the Song Information all the time as a notepad for the work I'm doing as I record, mix and master songs. So this feature request is all about imporving the documentation we create as we use Studio One.  While the Song Notes are an excellent notepad/scratchpad for capturing what I've done and what I've yet to do on a song, it's limited by it's inability to be exported.  There's no easy way to get at this information after I've typed it in. I can't export it any way other than to do a Ctr-A, Ctr-C and paste it into something like MS Word.

Having a detailed studio/song log is a really valuable tool and it's frustrating that the Song Info is almost providing that function, but it's not quite there.

In an ideal situation it would be possible to export all the info from the Song Information (the Info, the Song Notes, the Track Notes) either as a .txt file or as a .csv file. An enhancement would be for the Song Notes to act as a diary and automatically date/time stamp when the song file was last opened and changed.  Perhaps also add fields to to the Track Notes which automatically capture which plug-ins are applied to a track, how the track has been routed (That might be harder to do, but it would be most helpful)

Thanks in advance !!

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answered Jan 19, 2021 by psusername (540 points)

I strongly agree with this request - being an "old school" mixing guy that has more "session notebooks" on the shelf than hairs on his head as of now - LOL. I also think this would be another great feature that would draw others to SO.

I suggest a menu item in the Project Page would be ideal - similar to the Project>Digital Release dialog that allows you to select any or all songs in the project. The same menu item in the Song Page would be great too!

Having the capability of adding the track notes and song info inside Studio One is excellent, but it sure would be wonderful to be able to print all those notes out in a pdf or TXT file (maybe one song per page??).

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answered Oct 18, 2021 by rohanwalker (880 points)

this might be something to consider for a future update.

the ability to generate a detailed "Word/Text" file which would show song and track data. A bit like the old work sheets which studios would print to keep "track" of workings on old 24track tape decks. a sheet could show things like

title, date, composer, artist, contributor etc - yes this is all part of the "meta-data" already available,

and would be printed at the top of the sheet.

but it is not a complete picture of the composition itself.

add to that.

track no, title, instrument, VST, preset, Arranger List, Chord list, Event Title, SMPTE time - Bar-line  Tempo change, Key signature, Time signature, duration, track type, Console level Track notes, etc etc. Track comment, "progress notes" etc.

 I am attempting to draw up an Excel work sheet to do all of this per song, but it would be very nice if it was automatically generated as an "output" file from Studio One.

I will admit that I cringe at the idea of having to fill all of the data out by hand, when indeed, the software should be perfectly capable of generating such a report with a single click.

to take it even further a series of "options" on an export prompt stating "what items would you like me to report...."

This way it would be possible to generate a "Running folio" of works done, and "Current status" for each song.

Then keep the data in a ring binder for current and later referral.

At the end of the work-day print a new updated sheet for each song, and carry out reporting on what has been modified or added to, and how that was done.
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answered Jun 3 by qcmjerix (990 points)

I made such a software, but due to the expected low number of interests, I am not selling it.