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Notion6 crash--new download doesn't work

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asked Jul 5, 2020 in Notion by johntownley (210 points)
I had a Notion6 upgrade that was working fine until it crashed (I had sound but no scores, just red screens for all my Notion files) so I uninstalled it and reinstalled. I noticed I used to have a "sounds" folder along with the bundled sounds (separate folder) that listed all the instruments but that didn't reappear on my desktop when I reinstalled. Now I have the score but no audio. How do I get the "sounds" folder back?

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answered Jul 6, 2020 by jason.parfait (350 points)
edited Jul 6, 2020 by jason.parfait
Something to try...I was having the same issue, and just stumbled on a workaround...

I'm using (but I'm not sure if there is a specific issue with) UAD Apollos for my audio interfaces. I turned them off while starting up Notion. After Notion was open, I was able to turn on the Apollo and select it as my Audio Device in Notion.

EDIT/UPDATE: Once I re-selected the Apollo as my audio device, Notion crashed again.
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answered Jul 12, 2020 by johntownley (210 points)
Thank you, Jason. What you suggest is above my technical know-how unfortunately. And I see you update and say the Notion crashed anyway. Notion didn't used to be this bad. It was a pretty good program for many years. A shame it's so junky now.