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how can i import a mp3 track

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asked Feb 22, 2016 in Studio One 3 by lydelldavis (170 points)
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how can i import my mp3 files in a session track

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answered Feb 22, 2016 by mattcaprio (148,000 points)
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By default StudioOne Artist does not support MP3 file formatting.

Here is a StudioOne version comparison chart of what is included in StudioOne Artist and Professional:

Upgrade Options
If you own Studio One 2 Artist or Studio One 3 Artist:

1) Upgrade to Studio One 3 Professional which supports MP3 import and export by default.

- You can purchase an upgrade to StudioOne 3 Professional here:

2) Purchase the MP3 Converter for Studio One Artist.

-You can purchase the MP3 Convertor for Studio One Artist add-on here:

Note: The MP3 add-on requires Studio One 2.6.2 or higher.

-How to install add-ons in Studio One 2:

-How to install add-ons in Studio One 3:

3) Use a third party application to convert the MP3 files to WAV files that are supported in StudioOne Artist.

-Convert your MP3s to WAV files and you will be able to drag them into your song from the StudioOne browser.

-Export out as a WAV file and then convert them to MP3 in a third party application.

- Here is a video showing the process using iTunes: