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Where can I find resources about saving Studio One songs?

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asked Jul 20, 2020 in Studio One 4 by garytaylor4 (210 points)
I've looked through the manual, Gregor's videos, the product resource videos and I cannot find a good description of the save "process" in Studio One 4.6. This is really frustrating, no how to save your song instruction anywhere??? It shouldn't be that difficult to find but I'm having a hard time. I'm also finding the save options and restore or rename options fiendishly difficult to understand despite having DAW experience.

I'm very confused because I don't find the right version of my song on the "Recent Files" list. I save my work regularly yet I'm not able to find the most uptodate version of my song easily. Autosave doesn't seem to work correctly in that I'm having to go back 2 or 3 autosave steps to find the closest thing to my most recent work. Meaning I've lost work. For some reason my main song file (the most uptodate) is saved in the history folder of the song. When accessing the song through the recent files option I'm not actually getting to my song, just an old version that's lost my most recent work.

I've tried the restore version feature but I don't understand it and cannot distinguish which is the correct song version from all the autosaves. I don't understand the popup message after clicking OK (I cannot recall it's wording and won't click again until I understand save in general).

If I Ctrl + S to save my work with the console open I can click and save again as soon as I close it, no action on the mix just closing a console. BUT, neither of these saves actually save my work to the song file I expect. Back 2 or 3 revisions for nearest and work lost.

In the song dropdown I can end up with several similarly titled songs but saving doesn't seem to update as I would expect.

When I come to close my DAW at the end of the day I have several similarly titled songs available each of which asks for a save before closing. I suspect the order in which I save these is overwriting my current work with an older version and is behind all the problems I'm having.

Please point me in the direction of a good tutorial on this because I'm struggling to function otherwise.

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answered Jul 20, 2020 by garytaylor4 (210 points)
This video has the answers I need.

Thanks Joe Gilder!

I've actually saved as a new folder. Can delete all my old versions (in other/older folders) safely?