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Bought studio one 5 artist but the free demo version is the only one that downloads and opens.

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asked Sep 2 in Studio One 5 by stevepope (130 points)
I downloaded studio one 5 prime just to check it out.

I liked it so I purchased studio one 5 artist.

The only one that opens is the prime version.

I deleated everything and tried again to download artist but prime shows up.

I then downloaded the full demo version and it showed up from the installer just fine.

So once again I deleated everything and tried to just install and download artist, but NOPE, only the full demo version shows up.

I tried many times to download the installer for studio one 5 artist but it never shows up.

I paid for it, I've seen the receipt but I can't open it.

What should I try now, the support people just direct me to the download installer which I've done many, many times ?

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answered Oct 21 by bobjones54 (140 points)
I'm having the exact problem.  I'm working with a customer service rep online, and he seems to be trying to help me, but I'm like you, at a loss to know how to succeed with installing version 5 Artist.  Have you had a resolution to your problem?