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Midi to Audio

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asked Oct 10 in Studio One 5 by petersilver1 (120 points)
I have a nice Yamaha Clavinova with a lot of great sounds.    I can record in midi and also audio by routing the midi to a instrument track and the output from the keyboard to an audio track which allows me to use those sounds.   However, I'd like to be able to go in and edit the midi notes, and then play the edited track back through the keyboard and re-record the corrected audio.   However, when I try to play back the midi, I'm not hearing anything out of the keyboard, so can't re-record the audio track.  If I add a virtual instrument to the midi track, I can hear notes that way.    I'm using a new Studio 24 C interface and have the midi cable plugged into the back of that.  For the midi track, I have the 24C midi in as input, and 24C midi out as output.    The input for the audio track is the audio interface mono.   Hoping there are some generic midi settings I'm missing and not some quirk of the keyboard because it is pretty old.   Essentially I want the keyboard to play the midi notes back for me.   

Yamaha CVP-107

Presonus Sudio 24 C

HP Omen gaming laptop with windows 10 and Studio One Artist.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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