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studio one 5 + Studio 192 + UC: Mapping of DAW 1 to DAW 8???

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asked Nov 26, 2020 in Studio One 5 by mrlucmorin (1,080 points)

I'm using Studio one 5.1, a Studio 192 interface, and Universal Control monitor mixing sofware.

In UC, I can see that 8 channels (or 4 stereo ones), named DAW 1-8 are "returns" from Studio One, but I've tried to find documentation on how the mapping is done, but couldn't find an authoritative answer.

The way I see it, DAW 1&2 seem hardcoded to be "Main" Studio One channel, and then the other DAW 3&4 and above seem to match the outputs that are marked as "cue mix". This is at least, for now, the way I understand it, but I'm sure there must be a way to configure which DAW outs can be mapped as returns in UC.

Could anyone shed some light on the subject?


Windows 10 64 bits
Studio One
Studio 192
DigiMax DP88
Faderport 8

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