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Does StudioLive AR8c have bluetooth AptX?

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asked Dec 30, 2020 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by jakoblindekilde (120 points)
Does StudioLive AR8c have bluetooth aptX? aptX HD? aptX LL?

Jakob Lindekilde

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answered Feb 16 by bassman19 (140 points)
Same question for AR12c with implemented bluetooth 5.0

I found no information about the supported bluetooth protocols and the supported codecs via bluetooth.

It would be very helpful to know if its possible to connect a bluetooth headphone (e.g. Plantronics BackBeat Pro) which supports aptx LL. Without Low Latency bluetooth transmission its really hard to work on a PC with DAW-Software and via MIDI connected keyboard.

The normal Bluetooth latency is so high that you can't play the keyboard in realtime.