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I hear both the affected and the un-affected audio when using Revoice through the ARA 2 plugin

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asked Jan 19 in Studio One 5 by idlehanz (120 points)
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I am using Revoice to correct the pitch in my comped vocal recording. When I audition the sound in Revoice, the audio is fine. When auditioning the track in studio one, there is a comb filtering effect. It sounds to me like both the affected and un-affected sounds are played. However, when I press 'Render', the audio is then correct.

I noticed Jim Gilder had a similar problem when using melodyne in one of his tutorials. Is there anyway to get around this?

many thanks

ps here is the video that I mentioned. the fault occurs at 47 minutes into 'Start-to-finish vocal production with Joe Gilder'

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