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S1 v4 - Mac - Midi over Bluetooth

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asked Feb 12, 2021 in Studio One 4 by macmusicguy (170 points)

Mac OS High Sierra, talking to an iPad Pro [v1].

I have MIDI data flowing from the iPad to S1 just fine [using the Audio/Midi utility, Bluetooth, etc.] So the boxes are talking.

I setup the external Devices as usual - one for sending, one for receiving - inside S1.

But BOTH "devices" appear in the Input dropdown on the track - neither appears on the Midi output dropdown.

So IS there a way to route MIDI from S1 to the iPad via Bluetooth?

Why? So I can drive the Moog Model D app [well, among other things.]

My suspicion is that S1 is looking at the ONE device on the system level and assuming it only serves one function - as a device to be output to. I am hoping I'm wrong.

Hey, it's happened before angel

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