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Tranferring NON ACTIVATED software to new owner?

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asked Feb 17 in Studio One 5 by adamcalderbank (140 points)

Hi, I bought my Studio 24C new from Dawsons Music (UK) and am now looking to upgrade to a Studio 26C as i'm finding that the 24C doesn't have the gain to power my Shure SM57 dynamic mic and I need more line outs for reamping.

I have provisionally sold my 24C to someone and the new owner would like to use the bundled Studio One software. 

I see that there is a paid option to transfer the license, however I have not activated, agreed/signed or registered the license therefore its technically not being transferred. I simply have not downloaded any of the software or activated it because I use Logic Pro X as my DAW.

If i deregister my product on the PreSonus database and the new user then registers it as his, is it then possible for him to download and register Studio One once I deregister my 24C product? 
I confirm I have NOT activated Studio One or any of the software for myself as I use Logic Pro X.

The sale of the 24C relies on this and i cannot upgrade to the 26C without selling this.

Any help appreciated. I have logged a support call but so far no response (24 hours).

Many thanks 

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