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Notion purchase discount for Studio One 5 Professional owner

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asked Mar 24, 2021 in Notion by cyrral (160 points)
I have a license for Studio One 5 Professional and am considering purchasing Notion 6.  I believe there use to be an upgrade path for StudioOne owners to purchase Notion for $49, but I no longer see that option.  Is there an upgrade purchase path for current SO 5 Pro owners?  I also attend the local community college, and am taking audio recording technology courses.  Is there an option to purchase Notion 6 at an educational discount?  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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answered Jun 25, 2021 by gregoriochvez (550 points)
Yeah!  That option for S1 Pro users feels like reward for been presonus user, but now I feel like obliged by PreSonus to get the Sphere.

So bad for old users like us :c