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1. Always activate all track monitoring function and, increase the length of MIDI events forward macro

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asked Apr 10, 2021 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by studioone513 (260 points)
Hi I am a user of Studio One 5 Pro. I've been using Cubase for a long time, and after switching to Studio One recently, I'm very satisfied with it. However, there are some inconveniences, and I am curious if it is included in the plan to be improved in the future update.

1. When the instrument track is changed, the monitoring function of the existing track is deactivated. I wish there was an option to disable it, or the ability to set monitoring of all audio and instrument tracks to be always active. I had a workflow, for example, playing a melody on a different track while sustaining the string bass.

After entering the bass on one track, I did so by pressing the sustain pedal and moving to the next track. This is very useful when doing early sketches. However, Studio One does not have this function, so after entering only the bass as MIDI without a complete plan You must enter the melody separately. Of course I know how to mix two instruments using multi-instrument. However, if you change it as I suggested, it will be much more intuitive and helpful.

2. I want to pull the starting point forward after selecting all the MIDI entered in the MIDI editor. Of course, it can be done with a mouse, but it would be very convenient if there were such macros. I know and use macros that move notes back and forth, or grid quantize where they end. I would also like you to consider the features I mentioned. I would be very grateful if you read this article and consider the above.

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answered Apr 10, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,880 points)
With #1. you can change that. You have to turn off "Audio Input Follows Selection". Go to Studio One > Options > Advanced > Console > a uncheck it's box (I would recommend unchecking the Midi Input one as well.

With #2 I agree it would be extremely nice, especially for things like legato. I would love to be able to adjust the starting time depending on it's Sound Variation articulation (keyswitch) so that you don't have to line things up at all once you get your Macro written.