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What is the maximum length cable I can use to connect my Central Station Remote / CSR1 cable?

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asked May 10, 2015 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
What is the maximum length cable I can use to connect my Central Station Remote / CSR1 cable?

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answered May 10, 2015 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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PreSonus supports a maximum length 6 meters (~20 feet) in length with two specially made Central Station Remote cables you can purchase from our online shop.

As PreSonus does not make a single 6 Meter in length cable, we suggest that a gender changer can be used between two of the same cable.


Gender Changer Example

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answered Sep 21, 2019 by paulweijenberg (700 points)

A cable length of 3 meters makes no sense of course, you can easy reach out to the base station with in an arm length. A longer cable in one piece however is not available for this purpose. You have to make one yourself, because a standard VGA cable will not work. (wrong wire pin scheme)

It starts with finding the right cable. I used a 7,5 meter Clicktronic WQXGA, double screened VGA cable, cut the D-cons and reordered the pin out. (see attachment). You need to have some soldering skills and make sure to isolate each wire with heat shrink tubing.
A VGA cable comes with 3 coaxial cables for video, I used 2 of them for data+ and data- and the third complete coax for power (11). Our Clicktronic cable is one wire short, so we did not wire the mike connection (15). Use a 15p D-con with the largest diecast housing you can find, it makes soldering much easier. Colors in the diagram are from a Clicktronic cable.

The remote works flawlessly, balanced audio is never a problem with 7,5 meters of cable, is the data lines that can be troublesome. This solution works great for me.

The only minor thing I don’t like about the CSR-1 is the fact that Speaker Select C has an independent latch button, probably for a subwoofer. I prefer to have 3 independent speaker systems to choose from.