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Filter/Search in tracks/channel/buses list

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asked Dec 16, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by henrinasta (620 points)

My first project on S1 after years on Cubase/Nuendo was 200+ tracks.

I spent hours to scroll to track list in the editor or mixer to find the track, bus or fx I wanted to pick.

I dont ask for something as advanced as the Logical Editor (which can search/filter everything with complex queries) but just something like a search filter to type something and filter the tracks and bus list !

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answered Dec 17, 2021 by bobbyphillipps (1,760 points)

Heya! If you pull up the track list in either the arrange window, or the console, at the bottom of that track list is a Filter search box. Type in what you want, and you're golden!

In the above example, I surround all my final group busses (drums, bass, guitars, etc) with the pound/hashtag sign #. So if I search for # in the filter, it hides everything else and just pulls my group busses up. If I clear the filter, it goes back to showing whatever I had prior, including honoring any tracks I had hidden before I typed in the filter.

To add a little more usability, if like me you have some consistent naming schemes, you can set up these filters on macros. I saw a guy on YouTube who started all the names of his drum tracks with d:. d:kick, d:snare, d:tom 1, etc. And all his guitars start with g:, vocals start with v:, etc. He set up a few macros and keyboard shortcuts to search the filter for d: to quickly show all his drums, v: for all his vocals, and simple : to show all tracks (sadly, there isn't a macro option that I can find to clear the filter, and simply using a blank in the filter macro doesn't clear it).

Hope this helps!