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This tells me a lot... Thank you so much Sean. I need more ssd. The last system I built was 6 years ago.. I don't think we had ssd then. So when I went to frys.. to get a new build.. they added it. Its only 250gigs though, windows.. studio one and black desert pretty much use it all up. So I guess what I need to do is.. is just get a bigger one.. put everything on them and go from there. Also I never had multiple drives in the past... I hooked my old one up to transfer a few files.. I actually ran studio one from that drive... I did not realize you could do that either.  So now I am thinking.. I don't need any wd drives.. just bigger ssd's and maybe a desktop drive for storage. I really don't quite need as much as you do at this time. I can get bigger ones later.

 I just built this system so the goal right now is to have it running stable.. and I am gathering info from people like you to find the best way to run it for what I do.. I play some games.. and personal music studio. I write mostly metal stuff.. so not much other than some synth, bass and guitar amp mods, superior drummer. vocals. . I have 32g ram so I am good on that now.. I was running with only 4.

So from what I gather from you.. I need to run everything on ssd.. file storage on wd hd. The song project files.

Thank you so much for your response Sean!
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