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Lingua Italiana

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asked Feb 17, 2022 in PreSonus Sphere by spesso.production (230 points)
hello, after talking to the Sphere support team I am asking why in the video section to learn how to use Studio One Professional there are not even the subtitles in Italian automatically generated by you tube on the video tutorials ... I find this a quite serious disservice because for those like me who do not know the language perfectly, they cannot assimilate the lessons and make sense of the subscription money, as well as the manuals, there are in many languages ​​but not in Italian ... why ??? can you fix this ??? also because at least open the possibility to detect the language automatically from youtube. I await an answer in order to evaluate the paid stay on Sphere. thank you

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answered Feb 17, 2022 by spesso.production (230 points)
qualche membro del supporto può aiutarmi per favore?