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Studio one 5 Use problems and suggestions

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asked Jun 2, 2022 in Studio One 5 by yongxiaolin (250 points)

Hello, I have Three questions about studio one 5. Feedback: 

1.In the windows system, there are two lines of blank space at the top of the software, namely, the project name and the menu bar, which occupy too much screen space. I hope it will be more beautiful and practical if it is changed to one line. 

2.When I mix the WAV files, I drag the wav audio files into the project directory and generate a cache folder in the project directory, which takes up the same space as the original file. However, the original file should be kept, otherwise it will prompt that the wav file is missing. This makes the project take up twice the space of the track file. It is unreasonable. I hope to improve. 

3.As for mouse zooming, the actual situation is that the number of horizontal zooming is much more than that of vertical zooming, because I suggest exchanging the shortcut keys of horizontal zooming (ctrl+shift+mouse wheel) and vertical zooming (ctrl+mouse wheel), so as to reduce the difficulty of using horizontal zooming frequently. This is also a common habit of most Daws. Because I found the shortcut keys related to mouse wheel, users cannot customize them

Thank you

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