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Request to be able to assign the "Channel List"

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asked Jun 15 in Documentation by cgcmusic (430 points)
Is it possible to include the "Channel List" in the keyboard shortcuts?

Good music

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answered Jun 15 by gottfriedbergmair (14,790 points)
There is a command called "Track List".

Also available and related to this command in the mixer: "Show groups (Track List)"

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answered Jun 16 by cgcmusic (430 points)
Track list (arranger) is present in the keyboard shortcuts, while the channel list is not there.

They are two different lists!

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answered Jun 17 by gottfriedbergmair (14,790 points)
Console/Show Channel Banks

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answered Jun 22 by cgcmusic (430 points)
reshown Jun 22 by cgcmusic

Ok Gottfried!
I know Studio One very well!
The reason for my request is because I have created specific macros to call and close multiple windows at the same time.
I can manage the track list by assigning the shortcut, while the "channel list" no, because at least for now there is not ...
The only way would be to assign "toggle optional views" via the window but this means that all windows are open or close.
To consider that I work with three monitors, 2 of which are dedicated to Studio One: arranger and console.
Soon I will be loading my "CG's rev.3" macro page.