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Digimax DP88 replacement?

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asked Sep 11 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jimwilcox (120 points)
edited Sep 11 by jimwilcox
Looking to setup a new I/0 and go with the Quantum setup. all of the interfaces say "use the DP88" for endless expansion etc etc. but the DP88 has been discontinued.  is there something new coming or what would be the recommendation when needing more preamps?

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answered Sep 12 by colinotoole (12,890 points)
What about an ADA8200?
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answered Sep 15 by stephenforse (190 points)
I use an ADA8200, it’s fine. I do constantly search for a used DP88 (pretty hard to find) for 2 reasons:

1. Matching XMAX preamps

2. Recallable preamps.

These 2 things are the main reason why presonus needs to make another ADAT option to replace the DP88.