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No black friday discount for current customers to upgrade to 6?

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asked Nov 25, 2022 in Studio One 6 by jruder (380 points)
I noticed there is a 30% discount for a crossgrade, meaning people that have not been supporting Presous for years already.

How about a sale for those of us who already have bought pro version 5?

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answered Nov 25, 2022 by colinotoole (16,360 points)
I was thinking the same myself . I have consoled myself with the belief that there will usually be a discount soon enough down the line (from pro5 to pro6).
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answered Nov 25, 2022 by vasalli (1,570 points)
edited Mar 28 by vasalli
*** 4-mos after Black Friday, an upgrade discount to existing Pro owners of $104.97 was finally offered. ***

It's apparent, non-subscription users are not part of the Fender/Presonus future marketing plan.

I have been purchasing Presonus products since the days of Studio One-2 (Oct2011). For all of us who have been supporting Presonus, long before subscriptions and the take-over by Fender. Where is the reciprocal support from Fender/Presonus, with offering your typical Black Friday $99.00 upgrade discount?
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answered Nov 25, 2022 by fredley (200 points)
I feel the same.  I guess the new owners don't think as much about those of us that have been with them since the beginning.  Oh well, life goes on...
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answered Nov 26, 2022 by Dulip Gnanakan (260 points)
What a shameless lot they are.....
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answered Dec 26, 2022 by colinotoole (16,360 points)
I see there's currently 25% off S1 Pro new licence but still no discount on upgrade from Pro to Pro. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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answered Jan 2 by leifnorring (190 points)
To care for previous customers is important. I've seen sale on cross grade and now 25% off buying Studio One 6. I thought that would also apply for upgrading but no. Perhaps I should take advantage in a crossgrade offer to another DAW...