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Questions about whether the channel will be added later.

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asked Nov 26, 2022 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by nghvlqdu (120 points)
I bought an introductory product called io44 this time, and I'm very satisfied with its use.
But I'm asking because I think there's something need things.
Is there any possibility that stream mix or virtual input will be added in the future?
I especially want Stream Mix C...

I do not know why, but in some apps the MIC input can be crashed.
This is probably a problem with the app.

However, in this case, it was confirmed several times that there would be no problem if it was processed and input using Stream Mix.

especially, the Discord works normally only if you set the sample rate to 44100 or 48000.

If you set it to 88200, you will have a problem of ignoring the microphone input in the Discord app, and if you set it to 96000, the microphone input will be broken.
However, in this case, even if you set it to 96000, entering Stream Mix does not cause any problems.

Of course, there is no problem with OBS so this may be a problem with Discord, but using Stream Mix to cope with this kind makes it a bit of a pity that there are only two Stream Mixes.

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