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Studio One Remote Feature Request

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asked Jan 11 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by davidannohjr (450 points)

Good day,

I am enjoying the features S1 Remote provides, It makes my workflow better and overall faster.

With that being said, I would like to submit a few general feature requests that would make the experience a bit more intuitive.

1. Better Pages Management.

  • it is extremely tedious to move newly created pages to the beginning of the list. I have 20 of them, and every time I create a new one, I have to drag and pull it which takes FOREVER.

2. Visual feedback for soft keys.

  • an option for a slight change in the appearance of a soft key once touched would be helpful. For instance, I have a soft key that enables/disables a group in Studio One. But there is no way for me to tell if the group is active/inactive other than opening the group tab on the screen of my computer. 
3. Vertical mode 
4. Wider colour pallet for soft keys
5. DAW console follows channel selection on S1 Remote.
  • Also, (speaking as a Faderport user) it would be nice to have the option to enable/disable this function for the controller.
6. An Overall UI revamp/update.
Maybe some of the features I mentioned are already present in the app, but I'm not aware. If ht is so, please let me know.

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answered Feb 25 by mehit (1,060 points)
Agree! <3 <3 <3
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answered Mar 14 by krmoore (1,500 points)
I agree!!! What I would also love to see, is visual feedback on presonus stock plugins, mainly the master plugins that shows your lufs, rms, stereo image etc... that would be great to have that running on my tablet similar to Decibel meter running standalone on a tablet :-)
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answered Mar 27 by marcelorodrigues (220 points)
Yes please.

Pages management needs A Lot of improvement