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asked Jan 18 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by dock1805 (120 points)
This is total ****!

I bought Eris 5BT last week and returned it after five days. Noise floor is abnormal. I could hear it from 4 feet away. Hissing like crazy. If this is by design please get out of the business ASAP.

I checked KRK Rokit 5s, Adam Audio T5V and Dynaudio BM series... just a little hiss when you press ear on the tweeter otherwise inaudible from 5 inches and up.

Finally settled for the Focal Alpha EVO 50. It is a little less then double the price of E5BT but man... there is no comparison. Hiss and hum and noise do not exist, sounds wonderful looks wonderful (albeit a bit large).

You should sell E5BT for 5 euros and than it would be in correct scale to Focals which are 250 each.

So guys... My advice is to buy plane tickets and go to France. Visit Focal. Maybe you will learn something.

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