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Auto generated audio track for Virtual instruments? Can't record MIDI on instrument track or find in Edit areas.

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asked Mar 26, 2023 in Studio One 6 by jebbyslonar (370 points)

Did S1 6 change or is it my settings?  Why is my new instrument track and subsequently created and assigned new audio track creating a pink audio track and why can't I control the new instrument track in the mix window?  I created the audio track after creating the instrument track and placing an instrument on it.  This is some new setting as far as I can tell, because this is what I always did before moving to a new computer.  Although it is not a completely new version--I had S1 6 on the previous computer--I may have been just using templates that didn't have need for a new instrument and subsequent audio track.  

The audio track seems to be automatically created and assigned the color of pink.  There are also problems controlling these tracks from the mix window.  And here is something I found very baffling indeed, I am seeing the vacuum (air music synth vst) on a track in the mix window, which can't be enabled for record (record midi) and then in the shown image I next to the vacuum track you see the old (instrument has been removed but name has not been changed yet) pink instrument track I got when I tried to create an audio track for a waves piano (grhapsod).  This track was created automatically when I attempted to make that audio track for the vi piano. 

I find the lack of control for the vst 'vacuum' baffling, and also notice on the list at far left, it doesn't show up in the track listing, and it also doesn't show up in the edit window.  There is no place to enable midi recording and since it is not there in the edit window, there is no way to select a midi input (keyboard input).  I am baffled like a squirrel trying to get to blue jay food in the bird feeder above the squirrel baffle.  Yes fuzzy writing no apologies.


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