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Please Studio One for Android and iPadOS

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asked Aug 5 in Completed Feature Requests by daredaringmusic (160 points)
I want Studio One that can be worked on mobile device like Android or iPadOS. We have already good precedents like Cubasis from Cubase, FL Studio Mobile from FL Studio, and Logic Pro for iPad.

It can enhance accessibility to not only Studio One, but making music. If we are inspired at cafe or on travel and want to do a simple sketch, laptop is heavy and uncomfortable. Tablet conputer is suitable for these situations. And it will be better if the project on mobile can be also worked on PC.

Mobile version can also make accessibility for music beginners higher. Beginners who become familiar to Studio One through mobile version will buy PC version when they get higher ability of music and become professional.

I have Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, so I want to use this device more effectively. Tablet computer can be a great hardware for music production. I guess many users of Studio One who have good mobile devices agree me.

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