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But how can I apply Fade in/out to INSTRUMENTS

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asked May 29 in Studio One 4 by AugustoNouel (130 points)
It work for audio files, gritar, voice recordings or Waws, not so for instruments.
I'd like to fade in-out a IMPACT battery instrument recording.
So how can we?

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answered May 30 by GTRtice (3,680 points)
edited May 31 by GTRtice
There are a few options. I would recommend using the "Transform to Audio Track" function, which is fully reversible. If you prefer to keep the track as MIDI, you could send all the outputs to a single bus and then automate that bus at your preferred in/out points. Not as clean as transforming the track to audio, IMHO, but it works.

Fade-in/fade-out is a function that can only be applied to audio tracks. This isn't a shortcoming on Studio One's part or anything, it's just the nature of how MIDI tracks work, since they contain only data and no actual sound is baked into them.