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How do I user define auto save in Capture 2

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asked Jul 24, 2016 in Capture for StudioLive by windsurf14 (150 points)

In the description for Capture it notes the following "Even if you forgot to save your recording, Capture has you covered with an Auto-Save feature that saves at user-definable intervals.".

I scanned the manual and spent an hour looking for this and can not find out how to do this.

Capture 2 has been locking up on me and I have been losing all of my recordings.


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answered Oct 19, 2016 by abrand2 (32,040 points)
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There is a difference between saved Session settings and recording inputs being lost.  If your software/computer is crashing while recording, the audio tracks have not had time to complete and there is no data available.  What you are referring to in the manual is a session file auto-save which saves the layout data of your session, and the position of already created audio files.

If you are having trouble with sessions crashing in the middle of recording, this requires you to save a system information file for your Mac:

Mac System Information Report for Technical Support

Or create one for your Windows System and send this in a new Technical Support Request:

Windows System Information Report for Technical Support