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Expansion sounds doesn't show up in Notion 6

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asked Apr 17 in Notion by girtsbiss (190 points)

Hi guys,

After upgrading to N6.1 now I purchased Acoustic Guitar Expansion and Mandolin Expansion set.

I double clicked each of the two .prox files to get them installed by Notion. But I didn't found them under Notion Instruments when I opened the program (Mandolin tab was still grey). I double checked the location of Sounds folder, which has the structure [Sounds/Bundled] while the all expansion sounds seems to appear straight into root of [Sounds]. Still no Mandolin and expanded Acoustic Guitar.

For the sake of experiment I even tried to made a folder containing the single MandolinExpansion.prox only, guessing, that Notion should show up that single Mandolin under the Notion Instruments and "losing" all the others, after I'll save that path under Preferences/Audio/SamplesFolder. What happened = no instruments at all (as expected) and no Mandolin at all (despite my expectations).

Is is something wrong with me or with Notion? Now I'm stuck and cannot go on with the production the way I wanted to do.

I'm on Windows 7 64bit. Would appreciate any clue.


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answered Apr 18 by brianmeisner1 (120,230 points)
selected Apr 18 by girtsbiss
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If you are having a problem installing an Expansion Sound, here is what you can do:


1.  Open Notion or Progression and go to Help>Software Activation.  Press the "Receive Licenses" button and verify that you are authorized to use the sound.

2.  Go to c:\Program Files\Notion or Progression\Sounds\Expansion and verify that the sound is in this folder.  If it is not, please put it there.

3.  In Notion or Progression, go to File>Preferences>Audio and press the "Choose..." button.  Navigate to c:\Program Files\Notion or Progression\Sounds and press the "Select Folder" button.  This will reload your Sounds folder into the program.


1.  Open Notion or Progression and go to Notion (Progression)>Software Activation and press the "Receive Licenses" button.  Verify that you are authorized to use the Expansion Sounds.

2.  Go to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Notion Music/Notion (or Progression)/Sounds/Expansion and verify that you have the desired Expansion Sound or Sounds in this folder.

3.  Open Notion or Progression and go to Notion (Progression)>Preferences>Audio and press the "Choose..." button.  Navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Notion Music/Notion (or Progression)/Sounds and press "Select."  This will reload the sounds into the program.

*If you continue to have a problem, please try closing and re-opening the program.  In the event that you have a corrupt or incomplete download of the file, please delete the Expansion Sound from the Expansion folder and download it again from your account.  If you continue to have an issue, you will want to submit a support ticket from your account.
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answered Apr 18 by girtsbiss (190 points)

Thanks a lot Brian! It was indeed the "Receive Licenses" button I totally forgot to press.

I guess it would be nice to put this info automatically as a reminder in Readme file coupled with every additional sound pack.