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StudioLive CS18AI Rack Control Surface versus the Fader Port 8

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asked Jul 16 in FaderPort 8 by jbandes (170 points)
I am a new owner of Studio One 3 and its amazing. Now I want to purchase a control surface. What do users feel about the difference between The StudioLive CS18AI Rack Control Surface versus the Fader Port 8

I am an amature and I am happy to save my money to buy the CS18 but the Fader Port 8 may meets my easy needs. Just want to know what you experts think about both of these units and hoping you can help me to decide what I should purchase.

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answered Jul 17 by jameshoward (820 points)
edited Jul 17 by jameshoward
      I own neither. However, I own an Alesis MasterControl and Presonus' new SL Series 3 [which for some reason they sold prior to activating DAW functionality!]. Still, I started my home studio with an old Fostex R8 and a small studio-capable analog mixer [it wasn't fun mixing prior to automation] and have tried many similar products and not to make light of your question but you're asking whats better, peanut butter and jelly or a steak. Both have the ability to satisfy your hunger but one is elegant and filling. If you're a hobbyist or looking for general recording capabilities... Faderport is for you. If you want your skills to develope and maybe advance a hobby to a career... the CS or perhaps the SL Series 3 is for you. In the end the value isn't the cost but what you may create from it.
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