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Modifier to keep plugin editor windows open

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asked Aug 11 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by pabloaldunate (790 points)
Keep plugin editor window open on modifier (e.g. Shift) to avoid clicking on the little pin.

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answered Aug 14 by AlexTinsley (397,190 points)
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answered Oct 13 by liaxmusic (210 points)
I have voted and would love to see that, it would save me approx 1.000 clicks a week and there is enough space in the title bar, to add a choice "Only this plugin / All plugins (Always on)" - and it would feel more like hardware - my hardware never disappears from my 19" rack ;-)

Love Studio One !
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answered Nov 20 by pabloaldunate (790 points)
I would be great if acted like Pro Tools where you press a modifier to activate the Keep Plugin window open.

Obviously Presonus can implement it better.