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Anyone tried PreSonus FireStudio Project with MacOS High Sierra 10.13?

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asked Sep 25 in FireStudio Series by eriknordlund (240 points)
MacOS High Sierra (10.13) was publicly released by Apple today, and the current release notes for Universal Control don't mention support for High Sierra yet. Has anyone taken the plunge, and if so is it working well? I'm using three FireStudio Projects, and I plan to test them out on another partition to see if it works, but that will take some time. I'll be sure to update this post with results when I have them. Thanks!

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answered Sep 25 by eriknordlund (240 points)
So far so good... Universal Control installation went as expected, and all three of my FireStudio Projects are syncing with solid blue lights.

In Logic Pro X, everything’s working for me just as well as in Sierra 10.12. Personally, I’m going to go through with the update. I wouldn’t recommend it to others until PreSonus officially supports High Sierra 10.13, but I’m experiencing zero problems and I’m a bit of a geek so wish me luck! Hopefully my experience helps someone. If anything changes, I’ll update this again.
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answered Oct 4 by bricechevallier (140 points)
Hey there ! I did the High sierra update and I can't find my fire studio project anymore with the latest drivers.

Could u help me ? How did you fixed it ?

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answered Oct 5 by eriknordlund (240 points)
Hey Brice,

I didn’t run into that problem, but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers?
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answered Oct 24 by ncmatt (140 points)
Hi Erik,

Did you ever have any compatibility issues with the current driver on High Sierra?  I need to do a clean MacOS install but I’m concerned that there hasn’t been an updated version of Universal Control for the new OS, since I had connectivity issues once in the past after updating.

Any insight is appreciated!
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answered Oct 25 by eriknordlund (240 points)

I did test the driver on a clean install of High Sierra before updating my main install of Sierra, and it seemed to work just as well as on Sierra (I didn’t experience any issues personally, but different hardware configurations could vary).

I think I remember experiencing an issue a year or two back where the interface wouldn’t sync with the computer, and that definitely isn’t happening to me this time around.

If you have an external drive that you could run a test install on, I would recommend trying that to see if you feel confident with your hardware before committing to the change. You can follow this tutorial to try it out:

Good luck!

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answered Nov 17 by Deech (720 points)
Since updating, my Mabook Pro won't read my RM16 that's connected via firewire. Was working fine till I updated! Not sure what to do now.