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Where is the New Project Page in Studio One 3 Artist?

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asked Sep 29 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by davidstein (120 points)
When I first installed my Studio One Artist, there was a New Project tab, and now it is no longer there. What happened to it? Why is it gone?

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answered Oct 1 by williamswarner1 (1,270 points)
at the top left of you carriage when studio one is open it will be there like the marker bar, its represented by a bunch of little boxes, click it and the "track" similar to a marker track appears, i havent figured out how to use it exactly yet but it is there
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answered Oct 2 by donaldbaarns (6,970 points)
Best I know, Artist never supported Projects.

Is it possible you had the full demo running (which is "Pro"), then purchased Artist?