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How do I get Studio One 3 to recognize my Melodyne 4 Melodyne Studio

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asked Dec 2 in Studio One 3 by davidevans15 (120 points)
I just bought and installed my Studio One 3 and now am trying to get it to recognize my copy of Melodyne 4 Studio... I have no idea how to tell Studio One to Look for my Melodyne Studio OR where to find it...  Any Ideas out there...


1 Answer

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answered Dec 3 by karstenvogt (1,730 points)

- check the Studio One Preferences' Services tab if the ARA service is activated (take care what you are doing here).
- install the VST3 version of your Melodyne 4 Studio
- make sure that the VST3 path of your Melodyne installation is in Preferences -> folders -> VST-Plugins
- reset the VST plugin blacklist

Hope this helps. :)