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AudioBox 96USB or Audiobox iTwo?

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asked Apr 9 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by robbaylor (150 points)

We are running a 24.4.2 AI board with mac mini, running studio one artist 3, at our studio/rehearsal space, after practice or recording sessions I'd like to do mixes and mastering at my home instead of having to travel to the space every other day, which one of these would be good to have setup at home for this? AudioBox 96USB or Audiobox iTwo?

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answered Apr 9 by sidjongsma (170 points)
If you use an iPad then the iTwo if not then then the only real difference is cosmetics and the placement of the headphone jack, iTwo on front and 96USB is on the back. I don't know about the audio interfaces themselves I believe they are the same