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Can I have subdirectories but still see songs and projects in the songs and projects tab on the start page?

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asked Aug 27, 2016 in Studio One 3 by marcotrosi (1,420 points)

On the start page of Studio One there are the tabs "recent documents", "songs" and "projects". Whenever I create a song or project in the proper directories their names appear in these tabs. ('Studio One/Songs/MySong1' or 'Studio One/Projects/MyProject1'). So far so good.

But I have more then just one band to record and maybe each band has more than just one album, so I want to have a clean directory structure, something like 'Studio One/Songs/Band1/Album1/Song1' or 'Studio One/Projects/Band1/Album1'.

If I do so then the songs and projects tabs on the start page are empty. It seems like Studio One is not searching recursively the directories.

Can this be somehow achieved? Am I doing something wrong? Is this feature not available?

Thanks for your help!!




Studio One 3.3

OSX 10.8.5

MacBook Pro Mid 2009

1 Answer

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answered Aug 31, 2016 by BoiShadow (400 points)
I believe it isn't possible that's one feature I would love u should put it on the request feature page I'll be sure to up vote