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Is my gain too low to keep the Temblor T8 awake?

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asked Oct 12, 2016 in Temblor Series by aaronrussell1 (290 points)
edited Oct 12, 2016 by aaronrussell1
I just added a Temblor T8 to my Sceptre S8 monitors. While mixing, the T8 stays on. However while listening to music at low volumes it goes to sleep. What are some possible remedies? Could this be a gain staging issue? Nothing I adjust on the T8 itself seems to have an effect.

Update: Even with my audio interface volume at maximum the T8 still sleeps while listening to music.

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answered Jan 8, 2017 by ghasenbeck (355,660 points)
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It sounds like you may need to take a look at page 7 Section 3.2 of the T8 Manual " Level Calibration ".

By properly calibrating your T8 with your full range monitors, you should not experience this standby mode as you have described.

Power User Tip: Once you have matched the levels of your full-range monitors and T8, don’t use their volume controls to adjust the overall level; instead, use the volume on your audio device (computer, iPad, TV, etc.). This will ensure that your speaker levels remain matched.