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Can I cross grade to studio One Professional 3 from a different DAW?

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asked Jun 2, 2015 in Studio One 3 by AlexTinsley (912,010 points)
So, I like have this other program called Fruity puffs, and some Pro stuffs, and some Cubes for making my beats, can I get into Studio One if I trade in one of these other programs I already sank my money into?

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answered Jun 2, 2015 by AlexTinsley (912,010 points)
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We think it's a great idea you're interested in cross grading to Studio One from another DAW. 

If you can show us proof of purchase of another DAW, we will sell you a cross grade to Studio One 3 Professional for $299 USD. 

More details on the cross grade offer can be had by clicking here. 

Qualifying DAWs include:

  • Cubase 5 or higher
  • Pro Tools 9 or higher
  • Nuendo 5 or higher
  • Logic 9, X
  • Sonar X2 or higher
  • Live 8 or higher
  • Digital Performer 7 or higher
  • Acid Pro 6 or higher
  • Reason 6 or higher
  • Reaper 4 or higher
  • Samplitude 9 or higher
  • Mixcraft Pro 6 or higher
  • FL Studio 11 or higher