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can I use Studio One 3 Professional with two HDX cards? (128 channels in and 128 channels out)

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asked Feb 18, 2017 in Studio One 3 by rxchad (120 points)
I have a Mac with two Avid HDX cards attached to six Analog HD IO and 2 Digital HD IO units.  I just installed Studio One 3 Professional.  Studio One recognized the HDX, but only gave 64 in and 64 out....I'm assuming just one of the HDX cards are being recognized.  Is this the limit of what Studio Once can interface with at any one time?

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2013 Mac Pro  dual Xenon 1333 MHz processors with 12 cores total, 64 GB RAM, OS X 10.9.5, Audient ASP 8024 36-channel analog console.

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answered Feb 22, 2017 by mikcento1 (190 points)
it's a limit of avid...core audio manager can handle only 64 ch...I'm in the same situation...just switched from PT to S1